John largent | Founder & CEO

 John is a former healthcare administrator turned producer of audio excellence. With over a decade experience as a podcaster and producer, he works with corporations, universities, brands, associations, business coaches and storytellers to craft, mold and consult to bring their unique and distinct voices to life. He received an MBA at Central Michigan University and lives with his wife and kids near the banks of the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas.


Jason Barrera | Chief content officer

Jason is a master audio engineer and has an 'ear' for making things just right. He is one of the best in the podcasting industry and he is here to make you sound great all the time...every time.


michael thomas | Project Manager

 ‘Das Wunderkind' is a good way to describe Michael. He started podcasting at 15 and was a consistent iTunes Top 50 host for over three years. He has 'retired' from hosting to help you with your project needs. Don't let his youth fool you; he is a very talented project manager (he got his talent from his mother!)